Emako Blue
Emako (E-may-ko) Blue had a voice like vanilla incense, smoky and sweet.  She was
confident and fly, good-natured but nobody's fool.  Emako was destined to be a star.  But
the streets of LA can be hard and everything can change in an instant.

Her friends will tell you all about it.

Jamal (The Player whose heart finally gets stolen)
Monterey (The good girl best friend)
Savannah (The 'B')
Eddie Ortiz (The Kindred Spirit)

Page one
The parking lot at the church was full.  A fat cop, parked on a motorcycle,
waved us by with one hand while he wiped his forehead with the other.  It was

The air conditioning in our Chevy Blazer was broken and my daddy's palms
were so wet, he almost lost his grip on the steering wheel and cussed out
loud.  Mama dabbed at the back of her neck with a wrinkled white
handkerchief.  I was sweating too. No music played on the radio.  Silence. A
crowd was standing in front of the church, but I knew that if Emako hadn't died
the way she had, most of these people wouldn't be here. As for me, I belonged
here. Emako was my girl.

The Detroit Free Press says...Emako Blue is a great read told in
simple straightforward terms.”

“Packs a huge emotional punch with its depiction of innocence lost
to random gang violence.”
Kirkus Reviews

Ages 13+ G.P. Putnam's Sons

IRA Best Young Adult Novel 2005
An ALA Quick Pick Top Ten Title 2005
A New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age 2005