About Brenda Woods:

1 strange thing that definitely hasnít happened to most people but happened to me: Was stung by a nest of hornets at the age of three.

2 things Iíve always wanted to do but probably never will: Learn to play the flute, fly an airplane.

3 things I refuse to eat: Hog Head Cheese, cow brains, crickets.

4 places I plan to go to in the next ten years: Africa, New Mexico, New Orleans (again), Kauai (again and again).

5 things I learned in High School: Batik, Latin, the meaning of the word scintillate, how to write an essay, that I was definitely odd.

6 words I love that begin with the letter E: Effervescent, Epiphany, Ethereal, Evocative, Elixir, Earlobe.

7 things I kind of detest: Cold showers, stepping in dog poop (the mushy kind is the worst), slipping on ice and falling on my butt, a flat tire when Iím running late, rush hour traffic in Los Angeles, having to pee really bad and the only place to go is the Andy Gump and there are four people ahead of me, falling off a banana boat and having to swim to shore.

8 beautiful sights I just canít forget: Two tiny eggs inside a hummingbirdís nest, the ferry ride from St. John to St. Thomas, my son and daughter-in-law with their newborns, the Golden Gate Bridge, Manhattan at night, Waimea Canyon, Puget Sound, my childrenís footsteps in the sand.

9 lovely sounds Iím unable to get tired of: Birds chirping at dawn, children laughing, music from a trumpet, wind swishing through the trees, church bells, thunder clapping, absolute quiet, the rhythm of rain, the tide as it ebbs and flows.

10 reasons I write: Because words demand to be put together in awesome ways, because there are so many stories that are just waiting be told, because words can be powerful, because a teacher once told me I had a way with language, because I revel in taking history and transforming it into fiction, because I love meeting amazing kids who read my books, because this creative thing somehow got inside me and just wonít go away, because the beauty of our language cannot be dismissed, because books are incredible, because I have toÖ